About “Grace to Laugh” — Seriously

Don’t get me wrong. Laughter is serious business,  the common thread that binds our human souls in a way no other force can. I’m not referring to the easy laugh that might come at the expense of another but laughter that offers itself up in response to our own human comedy. Every day brings with it unique opportunities to see the humor in our own lives and circumstances. Sharing these insights with others breaks down barriers that no brilliant oration or serious examination could. God created us in His image, so He must be the author of our funny bone.  Fretting shortens life; laughter prolongs it.  May you have the grace to laugh today and every day!

What you’ll find here is a little of this and that.  I tend to write in short piece vs. post format, so look to the pages for more topical writing, often sharing what I find so funny in my own life. If you do spend some time in these pages, I would (really!) appreciate your feedback/comments.  Let me know what you think, and if investing some of your precious time here was worthwhile.  If you really want to encourage me, subscribe!  (The link is now part of the menu bar to the right.)

While this site is entitled “Grace to Laugh”, you can just as easily insert other profound life experiences into that simple phrase.  Think “Grace to Live”; “Grace to Mourn”; “Grace to Cry”; “Grace to Rejoice”; “Grace to Heal”; “Grace to Believe”; “Grace to Forgive”.   Grace is the key.   My hope is that these writings may touch a chord in your heart and that you would experience not only a laugh (or a cry), but amazing grace that is our gift to claim.


5 thoughts on “About “Grace to Laugh” — Seriously

  1. Dear Suzanne – Now I have a reason to WANT to get to the computer in the morning. This is better than therapy – it is therapy. Your writing is so open and personal and it feels like I have a mentor, someone who gives a damn and that makes me cry. You touch the universal heart, Jung would be proud, I know I am.
    Love, Mary

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