The Human Heart

Who can measure the human heart?

Who knows the depth of hope or love,

Dreams denied, empty yearning;

The mortal void forever unfilled.

Our hearts pulse, steady and strong,

Coursing life force through the smallest vesicle

While we mourn and struggle,

Breath held; life suspended.

Who can know the darkness of envy or hatred,

Or pettiness and self-destruction?

Bruised and bleeding,

We measure our life

According to our wants

And cannot be satisfied,

While other human hearts

We turn to prove

Flawed, unable to know and

Love us absolutely.

Who can measure the human heart?

Its strength or its failure,

How it sustains us, how it leads us astray.

Only, He, author of our miraculous, imperfect lives

Knows us and loves us.

Though human hearts fail us,

God’s does not,

Enfolding our yearning, imperfect

Wounded hearts into His own

Infinitely knowing and loving breast.

The restless at last resting,

Finally whole, in His, most perfect, Love.      Amen sem

3 thoughts on “The Human Heart

  1. Suzanne, Thank you for sharing this, It is so beautifully written, and so very real. All of the bumps, bruises and painful breaks our hearts experience in this life can only be healed by the precious love of Jesus. He cared when we thought no one did, He loved us when we felt so unlovable. His love is boundless! Thank you for reminding us all.

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