Top Ten Reasons to Get Healthy

Suzanne’s Top Ten Reasons to Get Healthy

(what are yours?)

1.      I can actually buy that large bin of mixed field greens from the big box store and finish it before the expiration date.

2.      I’ve rediscovered the joys of cooking and my inner creative chef – who knew working with fresh food was that easy and fun?

3.      When the doctor asks me if I eat right and exercise, I can finally look him/her in the eye and say “yes”; bonus:  the scale no longer owns me; I own it.

4.      I can walk right by those over-processed (and overpriced) food items in the super market.

5.      My thighs have gone from being intimately linked to just being close friends.

6.      Stairs are no longer the Himalayas – we don’t need that one-story house after all.

7.      I find myself throwing out my fat clothes while actually wearing my “someday” pants.

8.      My favorite corner of the couch sees a lot less of my hiney – bonus:  I am able to finally bid the cable company goodbye.

9.      Dog walking has gone from being a chore to being an aerobics opportunity – the puppies now need to keep up with me!

10.  Photos of me are no longer targets of “search and destroy” missions.

11.  (bonus)  I can envision myself living a long, happy life and actually keeping up with those grandchildren.

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