Low Expectations equal High Satisfaction

After 4 pairs of shoes and 2 games, mission accomplished!

Today, I took part in an activity that I do particularly badly.  I bowled.  The good news is that this was a fund raiser my husband’s company was participating in for a worthwhile charity – Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  As David was on crutches (yet again) for a broken toe, I “bowled in”.  Despite my poor skills, I had a really great time.   There’s something freeing about setting low expectations and just enjoying yourself.  I enjoyed being part of a team, if only for a couple of hours, and having the freedom to fail (or do well).  Maybe that’s a good attitude to take into any endeavor – just show up and do your best, and don’t worry if you throw the occasional gutter ball.  In fact, that’s the perfect opening for a good laugh.  Believe me, I laughed a lot today.

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