A single decision

It never ceases to amaze me how a single decision can set you on a totally different path.  It’s like those decision trees, go off to the right and the options opened up are totally different from those if you had stayed on your current track.  It’s difficult to see all that is opening up before you when you decide to take those risks — usually you are only seeing one or two steps ahead, but looking back, it all becomes clear.  We wouldn’t be where we are right now if it hadn’t been for that one pivotal decision to say “yes” and veer off the safe and wide avenue to a curving narrow side street labeled “Turkey” (an apt analogy you will find).  Our two years in Turkey were an experience I will always treasure, but it certainly didn’t start out that way.  If you’d like to go along with us on that journey, start with “Strangers in a Strange Land”, Part I, under the new category of “My Air Force Life” (where I’ve also put my previous series, “Suzanne Joins the Air Force” and “How the Binary Theory Saved My Life”).  Is your passport ready?

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