The Rich Life

Kitchen of Fragrant Smells

I was very blessed growing up to have wonderful grandparents.  My Grandmother Lynch was a successful business woman, a trailblazer for working women of the 1950s and 1960s.  The Sims side was almost as boisterous as our family of three rambunctious boys… and me, the lone daughter.   As the first grandchild and only girl for years,  I was, frankly, spoiled.   There, the world was my oyster.  Not one to remember details, I can see their Savannah Gardens home clearly even today.  I truly thought my Grandmother and Grandpa Sims were rich because of the abundance that came from their kitchen and home.  I remember the size of the postage stamp structure totally belied the amount of activity within.   As I grew older, I realized that my grandparents did not lead privileged lives in the sense of material wealth, but they were wealthy nonetheless, and I’m the richer for having been their grandchild.  If you’d like to know more about my rich relatives, read “My Rich Grandfather” under “Miscellaneous Musings”.  What are your precious memories?

2 thoughts on “The Rich Life

  1. I have treasured memories of my paternal grandparents too. They had four sons and no daughters. Then they had all grandsons, except for my one girl cousin and me! I was the youngest, so I felt very special, and was spoiled like you! Isn’t it wonderful to be spoiled? And my only sibling was a boy, eight years my senior. My mother was so delighted to have a girl, that I grew up being adored. (My brother hated me.) Being an adult and coping with adult problems soon got me over being spoiled!! Anyway, my grandparents were so marvelous. My grandmother was an artist, and made puppets to put on a puppet show for me. My grandfather was an old fashioned doctor, who made house calls. He would take me with him out in the country, while he took care of his patients. He would come out of the farm house with a basket of eggs, vegetables and a chicken. That’s how they paid him. Then grandma had to pluck the chicken and get it ready to cook. I stayed out of sight when she was doing that. Christmas was always at their house, and we had an old fashioned German Christmas; a feast on Christmas eve, while Santa Clause put the presents under the tree. Then after dinner we would go into the living room and see the tree that was lit with real candles. The tree lit up in a dark room is a sight I will never forget! I could go on and on about my visits there.

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