Give me grace

I need grace.  Too often I forget my fallibility, and steam ahead under my own power.  It all goes so well — for a time.  Then, oh so inevitably, I tumble.  Ever the fix-it girl, I attempt to sweep up my own mess, and sometimes that works.  More often, though, it is in those very times when I am most exposed that I fail miserably, betrayed by my own flaws and emotions.  Only then do I turn, finally, to the Author of my life.  Even then it takes time before my restless spirit hears His voice — “be still and know…”.  So, here I am, once again laid bare — no strength, no defenses, just a flawed woman in need of the grace that covers me with His love.  May I not forget where I am right now; may I not only seek and be willing to receive precious Grace but be a source of it for others.

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