A journey of a thousand miles…

Have you ever looked back on something meaningful in your life and realized that it didn’t start out that way?  Sometimes it’s as if someone handed us the end of a string and told us to follow it, gathering it as we went, not knowing how long it was or where it would take us.

That’s a little like it was for me when I committed to the military for four years (some would argue that the Air Force isn’t the Marines and I would gratefully agree).  I had no idea where this commitment would take me, but I started the journey.  It changed my life.  Today I’m publishing Part II (or Part Deux) about the exhausting day that marked the beginning of my new life.

Part III is yet to come.  Think “Private Benjamin”.  I had always enjoyed the comforts of my own room and privacy;  I didn’t really like any activity that was outside and good for you; getting up early was not my strong suit, and I had never developed a regular routine around anything in my life.   All that was about to change.

Check out Part II under “Recent Musings”.  Hope you enjoy taking this journey with me!

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