Just say “yes”


Wash in Winter

Wash in Winter

You may have noticed the heading of “Puppy Tales” and related stories under the “Pages” menu bar.  Today, I’m publishing the story of  our latest addition, Wash.  Let me make it clear we’re not like those dog people — you know, those owners who are more than mildly obsessed with their puppies.  After all, we successfully resisted dog ownership for years, largely due to my allergies and our frequent moves.  Some years ago, though, that all changed with Sammy, followed by Zoe and Wash.  Let’s just say that I didn’t exactly embrace adding canines to our household.  Our one previous foray into pet ownership was Angie, a guinea pig, that died in my hands one school day and is now solemnly buried under a large oak tree in the back yard of our former church building — more than a little traumatic.   Besides, dogs require care; they can be noisy, messy and limit your freedom.   My first reaction has invariably been “no” followed by capitulation, regret, and finally acceptance.  Even now, the rug and bed frame in our bedroom bear the unmistakable scars of little teeth, and I have sacrificed several pairs of shoes to the same.  All that said, it has been worth it.  If you’ve been considering dog adoption, or just want to be diverted by our experiences, check out the links under “Puppy Tales” to learn how we learned to say “yes” and love our new family members.

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